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JDK Workforce Solutions are distinctly different from traditional staffing companies. Whereas the others collect and forward resumes, JDK goes the extra mile to help companies find the best candidates faster and more cost effectively right from the start.

Compare and see why JDK Workforce Solutions is different, and more effective.

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SERVICES JDK Workforce Solutions Traditional Staffing Companies
Collect & Supply Resumes
Screen Resumes & Candidates
Interview & Vet Candidates
Track and Manage Candidate Performance
Review Client’s Technical and Project Requirements
Timesheets and Invoices
Status Reports
Technical Support and Knowledge Resources for Candidate
100% Onshore
Candidates Work Onsite

what jdk offers:


Review Requirements

Review the technical and project requirements requested by the client


Recruit & Screen

Recruit candidates and screen resumes based on the specific requirements of the client


Define Interview Criteria

We collaborate with the client to define interview criteria


Vet Candidates

JDK conducts the first interview to vet the candidate before introducing them to the client


Performance Tracking

JDK is accountable for the candidate’s performance


Status Updates

We provide weekly status reports of work done for the client


Technical Support

Candidates have full tech support and guidance from JDK’s team of architects, engineers, product managers, designers, and more


Knowledge Resources

Candidates have access to knowledge systems, tools, and other critical resources that help them improve overall expertise and skills for their project

Hire Top IT Talent

Faster and More Cost-Effectively

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