About JDK

JDK Technologies is a next-generation digital solutions company helping businesses meet technology challenges and innovate for the future.

We specialize in integrating ecosystems of diverse technologies. At JDK, we use cutting-edge tools to develop complex solutions for e-commerce, data analytics, IoT, artificial intelligence, security and more.

With innovation and disruption at the core of JDK Technologies, we established True Systems,™ our methodology for developing high-performing, distributed, and secure enterprise solutions faster and more cost-effectively than the competition.

Meet the Team

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar Founder & CEO
  • Anne Good
    Anne Good Chief Product Officer
  • Dan Anderson
    Dan Anderson Product Officer
  • Jon Gear
    Jon Gear Solutions Architect
  • Art Devereaux
    Art Devereaux Quality Assurance Manager
  • Angela Glover
    Angela Glover Business/QA Analyst
  • Judith Soto
    Judith Soto Senior Marketing Manager
  • Jon Hewitt
    Jon Hewitt Senior Software Engineer
  • Andrew Massengill
    Andrew Massengill HR Administrator
  • Kevin Ballinas
    Kevin Ballinas Senior Software Engineer
  • Tyler Garland
    Tyler Garland Senior Software Engineer
  • Sean Howren
    Sean Howren Software Engineer
  • Chandra Veerapalli
    Chandra Veerapalli Developer
  • Levi Dahlstrom
    Levi Dahlstrom iOS Developer
  • Purushotham Mohanreddy
    Purushotham Mohanreddy Android Developer
  • Chris Antonick
    Chris Antonick Android Developer

People & Culture

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